Saying goodbye to military flyovers in the USA

NBC in the states is reporting that military flyovers at American sporting events are about to become a thing of the past thanks to the “sequester” budget cuts with a March 10 flyover at the NASCAR races in Las Vegas being the last one scheduled:

As you can imagine, the video segment posted on Yahoo! sports about cutting military flyovers has attracted a number of entertaining comments (more than 4,000 and counting), with some of the most popular comments right now being:

And yet we will send $1 billion and new F16s to Egypt, a country that hates us. Idiotic.


Gosh, how many years did it take the brain child’s in DC to figure this out. Now, time to cut back on all the wasted "flyovers" of Air Force 1 too.


What’s next? Ending the Space Shuttle Program? Oh … wait. At least we will always keep minting pennies which cost the govt 2 cents to make.

So it looks like Americans will have to travel to Britain to see military flyovers at special British events!


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