See that Hill?

A twin-engined turbo-prop, operated by a major commuter airline, was making an instrument approach to land at Elko, NV, in a blinding snow storm. The aircraft’s left wingtip contacted the Elko VOR which is located on a hilltop about 4 miles south of the airport. The aircraft bellied into the ground and skidded down the front of the hill. Fortunately, although both crew members and several passengers received serious injuries, there were no fatalities.

A few weeks later, I was climbing the airstair to board a commuter flight out of Elko, on the same airline. An old gentleman who was at the top of the stair just ahead of me leaned into the cockpit where the captain and first officer were preparing for departure.

The man said to the Captain (a young fellow):

"Son, do you see that hill over there?" (pointing to the VOR hill).

The captain replied, somewhat hesitantly, "Yes Sir?"

To which the old man replied simply "GOOD."

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