Seven great CFI iPhone applications

If you are a pilot with an iPhone, you are probably aware that there are countless aviation related applications out there specifically meant for pilots. Hence, a recent post by John Ewing on Aviation Mentor that reviews seven great aviation related iPhone applications is a must read.

The applications he reviews are actually part of a suite of reasonably-priced iPhone apps from CFI Tools that are each meant to do one task and to do that one task well. These applications include:

  1. The Crosswind Calculator: For US$1.99, the Crosswind Calculator will let you enter reported surface winds and the runway heading and then it shows you the crosswind and headwind component.
  2. Holds Pattern Calculator: For US$2.99, the Holds Pattern Calculator comes with two slider controls that will let you set your aircraft’s current heading and the holding course.
  3. VOR Viewer: For US$3.99, the VOR Viewer is a useful learning tool for student pilots to help them get their head around VOR navigation.
  4. Weight & Balance: For US$5.99, the Weight and Balance tool will help to ensure that you never fly over gross weight or outside the allowable CG range.
  5. Mvx Tracks: For US$7.99, the Mvx Tracks application will allow you to save ground tracks from your flights in order to analyze flight maneuvers -  so long as your iPhone is not in airplane mode as the built-in GPS will be disabled.
  6. Takeoff & Landing Distance: For US$4.99, this application will provide you with takeoff and landing data for nine popular GA aircraft.
  7. Area Wx: For US$6.99, the AreaWX app will display a list of surface observations for airports within a specified radius of a particular airport.

As usual, John does a great job of doing a detailed review of all of the above iPhone applications – making his post a must read for any pilot with an iPhone.

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  1. Mike April 4, 2011 at 14:57 #

    There is an iPhone app to help pilots work through if notification to the NTSB is required. It is basically a wizard that steps through 49CFR830. Would be very useful in a stressful situation or as a training tool for students to learn the reg.

    It is called Notify NTSB on the App Store.

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