Short field landing tips

Short field landings can be tricky for students and even experienced pilots. Hence, a recent video put together by Jason Schappert for his site is well worth watching as it uncovers some common problems with short field landings and approaches.

Jason began the video by showing viewers where he has been: On his honeymoon in St. Maarten (we congratulate him!) which also happens to be the home of an airport (the Princess Juliana International Airport) with a very short runway. Jason then proceeded to give the following tips for short field landings:

  • Aim at least 100 feet of your point.
  • Manage your airspeed.
  • Don’t forget about aerodynamic braking.

At the end of his video, Jason asked viewers to leave a comment on his site about any tips or experiences viewers may have had performing short field landings and we invite our readers to do the same.


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