Should you commute to work using your aircraft?

Someone recently posted the following rather unusual question on Ask a Flight Instructor about commuting to work in an aircraft:

what are the FAA regulations about a private pilot or a commercial pilot using their own personal aircraft to commute to work  in another city on a regular basis.  Is this allowed?

Obviously, the poster is not based in the UK or Europe where flying every day would probably cost more than a nice vehicle (along with a chauffer to drive it…) but there were a few interesting responses to the question.

Commenter Kevin suggested that that given enough time, he’s pretty sure that the FAA will “issue a new regulation or two … hundred” while another commenter named Brian wrote that the pilot will need to see where his or her company stands on the matter as some companies would frown on it or not allow it because of the potential for a lawsuit.

However, commenter Lucas pointed out that:

Also remember that most accidents happen for a series of reasons, and it all starts with falling behind the airplane.What if one morning you wake up real late and have an incredibly important appointment? Are you going to refuel the airplane? Are you going to test the fuel before take off? are you even going to check the weather?

Lucas also noted that while legal (if flying is incidental to the business), the company could have an issue with flying to work on company time.

And of course, its worth remembering that if the White House has its way, there will be $100 use fees slapped on all flights – making the cost of a daily commute to work rather expensive!

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