Should you use different flight instructors or the same one?

A would-be pilot named Sue has recently posted a great question on Ask a Flight Instructor about whether or not it’s a good idea to have multiple flight instructors while learning how to fly or whether its better to try and have the same one for the duration of her flight training. Specifically, Sue wrote:

Is it advisable to have more than one flight instructor especially when one has covered the basics of flight and maneuvers if one is under time constraints

Matthew Waugh responded by writing that the use of more than one flight instructor will have its share of issues but if both are coordinating with each other and a detailed syllabus is being used, its possible. However, Matthew reminded Sue that only one flight instructor can sign off on a student to do a solo and that flight instructor will have to be satisfied that he or she has met all of the important requirements to reach that point. The same goes for a cross country or for the checkride but if time is more important than money, using more than one flight instructor can be done.

Abdel Shabazz also agreed with Matthew that it could be done but he cautioned that “despite regulations, accepted practices and standardization, aviation is a world of differing opinions.” In other words, using more than one flight instructor can lead to confusion that will ultimately make learning how to fly more expensive. Nevertheless and if a student pilot has the personality and ability to be flexible when learning, it should not be a problem.

Finally and something not mentioned by either Matthew or Abdel would be to make sure before you start any flight training with a flight school (or individual flight instructor) is that the CFI teaching you will be available to train you from start to finish. After all and if time is not a consideration or if you found it difficult in school to adapt to teachers with different teaching methods, you will want to make sure you have the same flight instructor for the duration of your flight training.

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  1. fernando November 8, 2012 at 14:09 #

    Nice question, if you want to find a pilot job in an airline you should get use to fly with different kind of person, mainly because you will make your pilot work always with the same crew but I found that I was learning more with the instructor I was liking more. I discovered some similar discussions on or May be during your initial course yes but during the last part of the CPL a rotation with the flight instructor could be good. ALso in the MCC I suppose thhis practice would be really good.

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