So you want to buy a $25 million private jet…

If you have ever wanted to experience the jet set lifestyle or you are wondering what a mere $25 million will buy you in the way of an aircraft, check out this video report from the Wall Street Journal’s Kaveri Niththyananthan who visited Farnborough Airport to take to the skies in a Challenger 300 private jet with a representative of Bombardier.

After being dropped off directly on the tarmac and then onboard the aircraft, the first thing that Kaveri said she noticed were the fine wood interiors and cream leather seats inside the aircraft that can swivel and turn into four beds. In addition and unlike many commercial aircraft, she noted that the Challenger 300 is completely Internet and iPod friendly plus comes with a state of the art entertainment system.

Kaveri also interviewed a representative from Bombardier who noted that the Challenger 300 sells for a cool $25 million – plus or minus a bit depending upon how a customer wants to outfit the interior of the aircraft. Unfortunately though, Bombardier does not accept MasterCard and noted that customers will typically seek financing (much like buying a house) and then hire an aircraft management company to manage the aircraft. Moreover, many customers will also allow an aircraft management company to charter out their aircraft to help offset the cost of owning and operating one. 

However, don’t expect to walk into an aircraft showroom and fly out with an aircraft as Bombardier also noted that the wait for a larger aircraft is now around 3 years while the wait for a smaller aircraft is about 1 year. 

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  1. Mungo Amyatt-Leir August 3, 2011 at 08:13 #

    This is great and reminds me I must get on with buying one… mind you she’s not the most in depth interviewer

    “Erm, how do I pay for it? Do I turn up with erm, a bag of money?”

    WSJ need some aviation/business professionals for this type of reporting 🙂

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