Spin recovery acronym

Knowing proper spin recovery techniques can easily save your life should you ever enter into a dangerous spin. Hence, a recent video by Jason Schappert of the MzeroA.com blog is well worth watching as he comes up with a spin recovery acronym that is both easy to remember and may save your life. Specifically, Jason’s spin recovery acronym is P.A.R.E. which stands for:

P: Power Back

A: Ailerons Neutral

R: Rudder (Opposite)

E: Elevator (Down)

In the video, Jason will walk you through each of these spin recovery steps.

Jason also mentioned that he has just released a new book entitled Aviation Acronyms that is full of useful acronyms for pilots. Aviation Acronyms is available for $12.97 on Amazon.com where you can also have a look inside before purchasing.


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