Stibbair pre-flight planning checklists

Pilots love checklists. I use this one to plan my flights. I fly an N-reg aircraft on an FAA CPL/IR so it’s geared to IFR trips in airways but other pilots may find it useful for different kinds of flight (e.g. VFR channel crossings). Anyway, no guarantees, no support, use at your own risk but enjoy!

Stibbair Pre-flight Planning Checklist


  • JAA PPL Medical
  • FAA CPL Medical
  • RT licence valid
  • JAR SEP Land
  • UK IMC
  • BFR CPL Checkride
  • IR currency (6 IAP, VOR, hold)
  • PLB registration
  • 90 Day Rule (Day / Night)

Route planning

  • Update charts in Flightstar
  • Plan route in Flightstar
  • Crosscheck Standard Route Document (Available from Jeppesen)
  • Review route on VFR charts
  • Identify alternates
  • Check NOTAMs in AVBRIEF and/or NOTAMPLOT
  • Check official night and night currency
  • Complete weight and balance form
  • Check fuel requirements (30m day VFR, 45m night VFR, 45 IFR at alternate, 123 rule for alternate)
  • Check flight plan with CFMU validator.
  • File flight plans with HOMEBRIEFING (or fax and call to check it arrived. Heathrow: Tel: +44-(0)20-8750 2615 / 2616, Fax: +44-(0)20-8750 2617 / 2618, Manchester: Tel: 0161 499 5502 / 5500, Fax: 0161 499 5504, Scottish: Tel: 01292 692 679 / 692 663, Fax: 01292 671 048)


  • Book plane!
  • Check timezones and prepare schedule
  • Check customs PPR, handling and customs at destination.
  • Fax handling request if required
  • Complete GAR in plenty of time (EU: 4 hours before inbound, Channel Isles, IOM, Eire and Northern Ireland 12 working hours inbound and return) and fax to Denham 01895 833486 or to GAR central on 0870 240 3738 or by email to [email protected] or call on 0870 785 3600
  • Print plates, plogs, W&B, GAR, flight plans, schedule
  • Confirm details with passengers
  • Pack in plastic folder trip kit

Day of flight

  • Print SIGMET, wind, synoptic, TAFs METARs, radar picture, satellite cloud (Note that Homebriefing has a SIGMET with cloud tops on it unlike the Met Office version)
  • Check freezing level
  • Complete risk assessment and print
  • Check passports
  • Call destination for customs, handling, PPR as required
  • Call Red Arrows and Royal Flights 0500 354802 if VFR or check
  • Call French ATC to close flightplan if arriving at a non-IFR French airport +33 810 437 837
  • Arrive one hour before flight
  • Don’t forget: passport, Euros, phone, flight plan docs


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