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Should you use a handheld GPS or an iPhone as a navigation backup?

A pilot named Heather H recently asked a great question on Ask a Flight Instructor about whether she should use a handheld GPS or her iPhone as a navigation backup. Specifically, Heather will be transitioning from a G1000 aircraft into an older plane with only a single VOR for navigation and she wrote that: Aside […]

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Acronyms to help remember aviation compass errors

Aviation compass errors can easily confuse a new pilot while flying. Hence, Jason Schappert has created a short video with two acronyms to help pilots remember what type of compass errors they can expect to face in the cockpit. The first acronym that Jason mentioned was ANDS: Accelerate North Decelerate South In other words and […]

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When is a procedure turn required or not required?

Good pilots are always learning as Paul, a blogger on Ask a Flight Instructor, noted when he recently learned something new about TAA approaches, procedure turns and how they are charted – especially on the Jeppesen charts. To make a long story short, Paul was recently flying and made a procedure turn mistake. After contacting […]

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