Taking a Cessna Citation Mustang up for a spin

In case you are flying or have plans to fly (or just wish you could!) a Cessna Citation Mustang, Steve Tupper has posted a very detailed entry that includes the full transcript from his podcast (along with the actual podcast itself) about test flying one on Airspeed. This is one powerful jet aircraft and as Steve notes:

Power comes from a pair of Pratt & Whitney Canada PW615F-A engines mounted at the top rear of the fuselage near the tail root. It’ll true out at a max cruise speed of 340 knots and go to a certified ceiling of 41,000 feet with a sea-level max climb of more than 3,000 feet per minute. It needs just over 3,100 feet to take off and about 2,400 feet to land. Range is listed as 1,150 nm, presumably without IFR reserves.

Moreover, the passenger cabin is roomy and with six oval windows and baggage storage compartments can fit just about anything one would take on a vacation or long distance trip with the only drawback being its unpressurized.

Steve concludes by saying that everything one has heard about the Cessna Citation Mustang is true and that a “reasonably competent GA driver can fly this airplane safely and effectively” as the G1000 knowledge will easily transfer. Of course, having the ability to fly a Cessna Citation Mustang is one thing, having the chance to fly a real jet is another!

Cessna Citation Mustang


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