The FAA investigates a sex diving incident…

While mile-high club incidents have probably been around since the days of the Wright brothers, the USA’s FAA and local police were apparently investigating whether two skydivers may have violated the law after a video tape surfaced of them giving a whole new meaning to having a mile high. The explicit video, which began making the rounds at a local high school where it caught the attention of the local police, starts with the couple (the female is or was a receptionist at the skydiving school while the male participant is a professional umm performer who also goes by the name “Voodoo” plus he was a part-time skydiving instructor at the school…) in the jump seat of the aircraft and ends with them finishing up while skydiving. It was then posted on the age-protected blog of the male participant but it was quickly removed when police began investigating.

However, no criminal charges are pending since no minor were involved, the incident happened in the early morning and there was no one around to complain about public indecency but the male participant was fired from his part-time gig at the skydiving school (no word about the female participant’s job status…).

Meanwhile, the FAA apparently has reviewed the video and issued a statement saying that there are:

…no explicit rules regarding sex in a private aircraft. However, a pilot who allows any activity that could “physically jostle” him or cause him to lose control of the aircraft could be in violation of federal aviation regulations.

Apparently, the stunt was devised as a way to grab the attention of radio shock jock Howard Stern and it got mentioned on CNN where the surprised owner of the skydiving school assured viewers that the pilot was in complete control of the aircraft at all times and no one was endangered due to the incident.

(Again, no word on whether the owner of the skydiving school also fired his receptionist or told his pilot that such activities are against company policy…)

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