The informal rules of aviation

When it comes to flying, there are often “rules” that are not easy to verify or are simply not clear to everyone. Hence, Vincent has posted a great entry on Plastic Pilot entitled the the fuzzy rules of aviation. Among examples of “fuzzy rules” cited by Vincent are the “rules” governing distance from clouds and distance to clouds as it is often hard to determine where some types of clouds begin and end. Furthermore, Vincent also states that he knows many pilots who:

Would launch in terrible conditions, should the rule say “aircraft shall be operated in sufficient visibility and at an appropriate distance from clouds”. I also know of others who would call me “girly” for not flying under the same conditions…

However, he is quick to make the point that he will get weather reports from the airports located along the route he will fly and based upon these reports, make a decision. If he feels that the weather may not be what he is comfortable with, he simply plans to divert to where the weather is better. Definitely wise advice that every pilot should consider.

Hence, are there any set in stone so to speak “rules” that you as a pilot always follow or do you usually rely on gut instinct when flying or planning a flight?


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