The Knuffingen Airport: The world’s largest airport model

If you love models and model airplanes, an incredible scale model of the Hamburg Airport has recently opened to the public in Germany to become the world’s largest model airport/railway. The Knuffingen Airport features 40 planes and 90 vehicles that are able to autonomously move around the airport. In fact, it took seven years to build the 100:1 scale model that cost a total $4.8 million.

Moreover, the Knuffingen Airport model covers 150 square meters and includes:

  • A variety of aircraft from Airbus A380s to Cessnas.
  • 40,000 lights
  • 15,000 figurines
  • 500 cars
  • 10,000 trees
  • 50 trains
  • 1,000 wagons
  • 100 signals
  • 200 switches
  • 300 buildings

Rodney’s Aviation Ramblings has also recently posted a video showing how truly amazing the runway sections of the airport model are while more pictures of the terminal areas can be seen here.

The Knuffingen Airport model itself is on display at the Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany.

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