The latest news about the London helicopter crash

Yesterday, two people were killed and 12 were hurt when a helicopter crashed into a crane shrouded by fog on top of The Tower, One St George Wharf beside the Thames at around 8:00 am in the morning.

Here is the location of the accident:

London Helicopter Crash

The CAA has already issued a brief statement about the incident which pointed out:

“Helicopter operations in central London are strictly controlled. Single engine helicopters are required to fly along designated routes, which have been selected to provide maximum safety by routing helicopters along the river Thames, avoiding flying over built up areas as much as possible. Twin engine helicopters can operate in wider areas, however all aircraft operating in central London are subject to air traffic control clearance.”

“There are requirements for lighting on tall structures. In addition, where appropriate, very tall structures are also notified to pilots for flight planning purposes, as was the case with the crane that was involved in this morning’s accident.”

Yahoo! News has an article about the type of helicopter that crashed, an AgustaWestland 109 (AW109) – a model that was used in the London Olympics opening ceremony and was described as being lightweight and versatile.

As for the people touched by the tragedy, the Daily Mail has an article about the two crane operators who were both lucky enough to have overslept for the first time in years. Had they not overslept, they would have been inside the crane when the helicopter hit.

Finally, this is Lincolnshire has pointed out that pilot Peter Barnes had worked as an air ambulance pilot in Lincolnshire while This is Derbyshire has mentioned that he also flew the air ambulance in Derbyshire. Apparently, Peter was known to be a highly skilled pilot with 25 years of flying experience plus his TV and film credits have included the 2002 James Bond movie, Die Another Day along with Saving Private Ryan, Tomb Raider II and the BBC show Coast.

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