The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee flypast as seen by radar

Another hat tip to David Cenciotti and his Aviationist blog for finding this animation which shows the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee flypast over Buckingham palace as seen by radar and recorded on PlanePlotter (PP) by John Locker (Note: You will need to click on the image and go to David’s website to see the animation).

Apparently, PlanePlotter (PP) is a software that can receive and decode live digital position reports from aircraft which it then plots on a chart. However, a user will still need to have appropriate hardware like a receiver and an antenna in order to receive the digital signals. Nevertheless, PlanePlotter (PP) is apparently more feature rich than other and better known Internet flight tracking software.

In case of the animation made by John, it shows the C-47 Dakota flight  and the Lancaster flight join up to fly down the Mall and then break off to go north. In addition, other aircraft including a Spitfire and a chopper can also be seen.



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