The Super Bowl of private jet rentals

On Sunday, the Super Bowl for American football was held in Indianapolis (Indiana) and already before the game, there were predictions that this year’s Super Bowl would break all records – for the number of private jets arriving to ferry sports fans to the game. Specifically, the Wall Street Journal’s Wealth Report editor Robert Frank went on WSJ’s Mean Street to say that 600 private jets went to the Super Bowl two years ago, 700 last year and that 900 were expected to show up this year.

The reason? Besides the fact that there is limited commercial service to Indianapolis, the New York Giants were playing and of course, they would have an incredibly wealthy fan base of hedge fund managers and Wall Street types who can afford to take a private jet to the game.

However and with so many unused private jets lying around due to the recession along with plenty of anti-private jet sentiment, seat prices on a private jet to the Super Bowl could be purchased for the 1 1/2 hour flight from NYC for only $1,500 each way.

The catch? Since no Wall Streeter wants to be caught dead having to spend Sunday night in Indianapolis, there were predictions of at least 1 to 2 or even 3 hour delays on Sunday night to clear all those private jets for take-off. Hence, we wonder if the private jet companies (or those renting them) have factored that into prices!

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