The top 10 aviation pictures of 2010

The year 2010 will come to a close at the end of this week and in addition to posting  the top 10 videos of 2010, the Flight Global blog has also posted the top 10 aviation pictures of 2010. These aviation pictures included the following:

1. PICTURES: Finnish F-18 engine check reveals effects of volcanic dust

2. PICTURES Qantas 747 uncontained engine failure

3. PICTURES: Extent of peripheral damage to Qantas A380 unclear

4. PICTURES Airbus catalogues A380 damage

5. PICTURES: Aires 737-700 crashes on landing in San Andres

6. PICTURES: Poland grounds Hercules fleet after Afghan mishap

7. PICTURES: US Air Force releases images of crashed C-17

8. PICTURES: Farnborough beckons for Italian UAV display team

9. PICTURES: UK unveils Taranis stealth combat demonstrator

10. PICTURES & ANIMATION: X-51A Waverider reaches Mach 5 in 140s scramjet flight

Our vote for the number one aviation picture of 2010 would also go for the photo of Finish air force Hornet’s engine after it had inadvertently flew through volcanic dust from the erupting Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland.

Finnish F-18 engine check reveals effects of volcanic dust_thumb[4]

However, we would also like to ask you our readers if there are any 2010 aviation related photos that Flight Global or us have missed that are worthy of being in the top 10. If so, feel free to post a link to the photo below.

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