The top 10 aviation video stories for 2011

FlightGlobal’s Flight Blog has posted links to the top 10 aviation video stories for 2011 which included:

    1. A380 hits CRJ while taxiing at JFK
    2. Tu 154 struggles against in-flight oscillation
    3. Sendai airport deluged as earthquake strikes
    4. ANA 737 rolled near inverted after rudder trim blunder
    5. ANA unveils first 787 configuration
    6. PICTURES & VIDEO: F-35B critical tests
    7. An-12 rolled inverted before Congo crash
    8. No viable all new single aisle before 2030
    9. Boeing poised for crucial phase in 747-8 test effort
    10. Test pilots extract stranded Alrosa Tu-154

If there are any other interesting aviation videos from 2011 not included in the above list, feel free to post a link to it in the comments section.

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