The Vulcanair P68R: Safe enough for your insurer (and spouse…)

Rohit Jaggi with the Financial Times recently put together this video segment about the Italian made Vulcanair P68R that can be yours for a mere €750k. For starters, the Vulcanair P68R is equipped with two 200hp engines – meaning if your insurer (or spouse…) will not let you fly a single engine aircraft, this is a very safe option for you. Moreover, the Vulcanair P68R’s high wings means that its propellers will not hit the ground when taking off or landing from rough grass airstrips. In other words and as Rohit concluded after his test flight, the Vulcanair P68R may not be a jet fighter but its a very safe and secure plane – especially for traveling above mountains, oceans and cities or in bad weather.

Otherwise, would-be owners would be interested in knowing that the Vulcanair P68R can seat six, has a range of 3,000 km or 9 1/2 hours and can take off from an 850 foot runway. In other words, it’s the perfect aircraft for a safety conscious owner-pilot who also desires performance.



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