Tips for mountain flying

Mountain flying can be particularly dangerous if you are not prepared for it. Moreover, pilots often have a lack of understanding when it comes to flying in mountainous areas.

Hence, a recent post written by Jason Schappert for the Let’s Go Flying blog about crossing mountains plus a podcast he did for his blog are well worth noting. In his post for Let’s Go Flying, Jason mentioned three key tips for mountain flying:

    1. Know Your Route Inside and Out
    2. Always Have A Way Out
    3. Timing is Key

However, his most important point was that mountain flying tends to be an early morning event because the temperatures are lower allowing for lower density altitude. Moreover, the winds would not have pick upped yet and this reduces the risk of mountain waves and extreme turbulence.

Meanwhile and in the podcast, Jason explained the following important mountain flying concepts:

    • How to approach a mountain pass
    • How to always leave yourself a way out
    • How mountain waves effect you as a pilot

Jason’s post also includes the full transcript of the podcast which is also well worth reading through along with some pictures he has taken of flying through mountains.


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