Tips for your next checkride or solo

If you are preparing for your private pilot checkride or for your first solo, Jason Schappert has written a couple of great posts on the Let’s Go Flying blog that are well worth reading. In the first post that he wrote for the Let’s Go Flying blog, Jason makes the important point that you have invested A LOT of time and money into getting a pilot license and the end result should be a private pilot certificate. Hence he reminds soon to be pilots to bring the following on their first checkride:

  1. Your Books (ALL of them!)
  2. Current Charts and Materials
  3. Logbook and Paperwork

In his second post for the Let’s Go Flying blog, Jason asked the question of “how do you prove to your instructor that you are good enough for him to let go of you?” He pointed out that he was able to pass his checkride for the following reasons:

  1. He Was Prepared
  2. He Was Professional
  3. He Had Humility

In other words, he wasn’t a know it all big shot.

Finally and in his last post for the Let’s Go Flying blog, Jason offers some useful tips for preparing for your first solo. These tips included:

  1. Don’t Doubt Yourself
  2. Make Yourself Aware of Some Changes
  3. Stick to the Routine

And although Jason stated that having the jitters on your first solo are normal, they are quite needless as you should instead enjoy your first solo flight rather than fear it. After all, you will have a long flying career ahead of you.


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