Top three checkride questions

Lets face it, tests tend to make people nervous. Your checkride is no different. From having gone through my fair share of checkrides and putting dozens of students through. I’ve seen an array of examiners and they all see to ask the same three questions, regardless of which checkride you’re taking.

Certificate/Rating Limitations

What can you do with your private pilot certificate? What can you not do? If you’re a commercial pilot without an instrument rating what can you not do? Know your limitations for each and every rating or certificate you test for. No examiner is going to give you a certificate if you don’t know what you can and cannot do.


Is this aircraft airworthy? What documents must we have on board? What equipment must be working? This can be a multifaceted question, make sure the airplane has all the proper documentation and it is legible. Also all maintenance must be up to date pertaining to the type of flight to be flown. Example: Required VFR equipment (CFR 91.205)

Preflight Action

Have you done a weight and balance? Do we have enough fuel to make our destination? Any NOTAMS at our destination? For every checkride I’ve done or have seen done the examiner asks the student to plan a cross country flight. The examiner is going to make sure you’ve gone through all proper preflight action. Check NOTAMS, conduct a weight and balance and  properly plan your cross country.

Have your answers ready for these questions and know where to find it in the regulations should a twist arise that you weren’t expecting. Most importantly relax and know you’ll do just fine. Checkrides are tough, but at least you already know three questions you’re guaranteed to be asked

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  1. Carol Jensen November 20, 2009 at 10:39 #

    Love your blog site. Especially love your logo–where did you get that? or did you design it?

    • Matthew Stibbe November 20, 2009 at 12:48 #

      Thanks, Carol for the kind words. I enjoy working on the blog and it's nice to know that people like to read it.

      In the real world, I run a marketing company and I had one of my graphic designers develop the logo.

      Cheers, Matthew

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