Tricky Isles of Scilly landing video has recently posted this video of a tricky landing at Newquay Isles of Scilly from YouTube. The creator of the video noted that:

After landing at Newquay we found out the winds were at operating maximums for the aircraft, hence the rather interesting approach. The aircraft both ways were DHC-6-300s operating for Skybus. Filmed with an XH-A1, goodness knows how I didn’t get told off for that…

I must also add how awful Newquay airport is. Easily the worst airport in the UK.

This airport has a pronounced hump in the middle of the runway and several flying groups ban landings there because it is so difficult to get into. Does anyone else have any suggestions for ‘worst runway’?

PS Apologies – this was initially posted as Newquay Airport which has, in fact, one of the longest, smoothest runways in Europe. Just a bit of confusion here at GHW Towers but apologies for the mistake.


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  1. Sylvia January 20, 2011 at 19:14 #

    I have landed there, I think it is probably the "most interesting" airfield I've landed at. Once you get over the idea of the hump, it's not so bad. At least there's no hills directly after the fence at the end of the runway (Glenforsa!).

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