Turning a Boeing 727-200 into a home

Trending Now from Yahoo! News’ has an article plus CNN has a video about how Bruce Campbell of Oregon turned a Boeing 727-200 into a dream home. Apparently, Campbell acquired the aircraft for $100,000 a few years ago, gutted it and decided to turn it into a living space.

However, the “airplane home” still needs renovations in order to make it habitable. It it wired for electricity and it does have running water and three restrooms but only one of which is in working condition. There is also a shower but figuring out how to install plumbing is still a challenge.

Nevertheless, Campbell thinks turning an aircraft is not such a weird idea because:

Wood is in my view a terrible building material. It biodegrades. It’s termite chow, or it’s firewood. Retired airliners are profoundly well-designed.

(Not to mention, there is plenty of privacy being out in the woods!)

To learn more about how Campbell turned his Boeing 727-200 into a home, check out the website he created which highlights the different features of his “home.”


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  1. capnaux June 6, 2012 at 05:27 #

    Too fun–though I wouldn't want to take my work home with me, lol!


    Captain, A320



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