Turning old propellers and aircraft parts into furniture

We have mentioned MotoArt, a California based design firm that makes art and furniture out of used airplane parts, a few time in the past (see here and here); but General Aviation News has recently profiled another company called GenAvi Aircraft Art Fine Furniture. Owner Mike Rosentrater began his business when he moved to Florida and built a hangar at an airport with the intention to start up another paint shop. When that did not work out, he started making furniture as he could buy inventory at reasonable prices.

And while Mike has only started the aircraft furniture business about seven months ago, meaning his selection is still fairly limited, his background as a paint shop owner, pilot and aircraft refurbisher means he will probably be able to keep on creating interesting furniture items made from old aircraft parts.

Right now, Mike offers Learjet Conference tables, Learjet LED lighted and polished headboards, 727 Turbine Fan Coffee tables and Boeing 747 and 737 Engine reception desks.

GenAvi Aircraft Art - Bi Plane



No prices are listed on the website, but General Aviation News mentioned that the coffee tables made from a Piper Aerostar propeller and hub will retail for around $5,900 (46″ diameter) or $6,900 (70″ diameter). In other words, don’t throw out those old aircraft parts you might have lying around the hangar as they could turned into valuable pieces of furniture!

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