UK documentary filmmaker looking for aircraft owners

The AOPA Pilot Blog has posted a letter from someone named Oliver Good who works for London-based documentary production company NERD TV and he is searching for a few good aircraft owners (we assume these aircraft owners can be located in the UK or on the continent as well). However, the type of aircraft owners that Oliver is looking for aren’t your ordinary aircraft owners or pilots:

We’re making a TV series for a US network about people with interesting collections of aircraft. The important thing is the collections cannot be entirely comprised of gleaming, pristine museum pieces.

An ideal candidate would be someone with a couple of airworthy planes and a few other projects that are in various stages of completion (the messier the better). They could be unfinished projects, once-loved specimens that have fallen into disrepair, or just rusty shells in a barn. The more the better.

We would also need the subjects to have other (non-aviation) items in their vehicular collections; a classic car gathering dust, a pile of disassembled motorbikes, a boat sitting on a trailer, or maybe even an old bus in a field.

Nothing will be broadcasted at this point as NERD TV is merely trying to speak to potential collection owners to profile at this stage.

The idea behind their proposed show is for a restoration team to then come in and bring a fading collection of whatever back to life. Hence, it could be an opportunity for someone to finish a long-term restoration project that he or she has struggled to complete on their own.

If you or someone you know fits what they are looking for, you can send an email to Oliver or contact him at +44 (0)207 043 0080.

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