Understanding thunderstorms and thunderstorm avoidance video

Jason Schappert has posted the the next video in MzeroA’s Understanding Weather Series and this latest video focuses on thunderstorms and thunderstorm avoidance. In the video, Jason covers the two types of thunderstorms (air mass and steady state), the three ingredients it takes to make one (sufficient water vapor, unstable lapse rate or change in temperature rate and uplifting action), the three stages of thunderstorms (cumulus, mature and dissipating stages) and tips for avoidance (stay 20 miles away, avoid flying under the anvil of the storm and avoid attempting to fly over one as the top of a storm can be as much as 60,000 feet in altitude – in other words, much higher than you can fly in a normal aircraft!). The short video is well worth watching – especially by pilots in areas that experience frequent summer thunderstorms.


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