Using an $11 million Learjet as a paint brush

Flexjet recently partnered with the Jet Art Group to create artworks in celebration of Learjet’s 50th anniversary. However, these were no ordinary artworks as artist Princess Tarinan von Anhalt used the power of Flexjet’s Learjet 45 XR engine instead of a traditional paintbrush.

So-called “jet art” was pioneered by the princess’s late husband some thirty years ago while her latest pieces were created by hurling paint into a force of approximately seven tons (or several times greater than hurricane winds) while standing 50 feet between the aircraft and the canvas. The heat and velocity from the Learjet aircraft’s engine blends and welds the paint onto the canvas to create abstract paintings.

Sounds easy, right? Actually its not because von Anhalt must consider the wind, temperature, heat, the thickness of the paint and exact timing to create her works of jet art. She also set out to paint 101 works over a two day period this time around and its worth noting that such works have been sold to collectors for as much as six figures – enough to at least pay for a few rides on a Learjet or perhaps even buy one!

If you want to learn more about jet art or see more pictures of the princess in action, check out the Jet Art Group’s website here.

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