Using and making iPad kneeboards for in and outside the cockpit videos

We have noted a few options in the past for mounting an iPad in the cockpit (Mounting and using an iPad in the cockpit, Using iPads in the cockpit etc.) plus a couple of kneeboard options. These kneeboard options included:

  • Atlanta Flight. Atlanta Flight has introduced a new line of injection molded holders for the iPad called the “iPro Aviator.” The iPro Aviator is currently available in black while a navy blue version will become available in January. Prices for either color are US$79.95 and for more information, visit
  •, a website dedicated to the use of the iPad in aviation, has launched the iPad Kneeboard Pro and Pro C. The Kneeboard is made of anodized aluminum that is padded with a layer of neoprene foam to hold the iPad in place. For more information, visit

However, blogger Aluwings from the Wings Stayed On blog as recently noted the following video showing various ways an iPad Kneeboard Pro C can be used in-flight to keep the iPad accessible and secure:


In addition, having an iPad along with a kneeboard can also be useful on the ground as this short video shows:


Finally, pilot Ed Oakley created a kneeboard for his iPad to use in the cockpit and in this video, he shows you how you can do the same for US$15 to US$50:


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