Videos: Skydiving cats and dogs

Pet owners will do just about everything with their pets, with some going so far as to take their pets skydiving – which should come as a surprise because not too long ago, the fur was flying over this Swedish ad for pet insurance showing skydiving cats:

Of course and as the following CNN segment from Jeanne Moos about the “controversial” ad reveals, the cats were not actually skydiving as some viewers had thought as everything was filmed in a studio (e.g. the cats were blown by fans to give them their slightly grumpy windblown look):

But before you think that nobody in their right mind would actually try skydiving with their pet cat, think again as Jeanne mentioned someone did try it and there is a video on YouTube to prove it:

That video seems to be an exception to the rule (as well as commonsense given how cats usually don’t like noisy places, like inside of airplanes!) that skydiving and cats do not mix. Nevertheless, a quick search of YouTube reveals several skydiving dogs, including Crasha, Big Arnold, Mindy (this video noted the world record holding skydiving dog has 73 jumps and counting) and a Pug named Bugsy.

It should be noted that dogs have been parachuted into war zones and for Artic rescue missions since at least the World War II era as this final video reveals (although their lands do appear rather hard):

With the above videos in mind, we would love to hear your thoughts about skydiving with a pet e.g. Would you ever consider doing it and more importantly, should it even be allowed?

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