What are your personal operating procedures?

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are common place in both commercial aviation and in many other industries. However, the Fly With Blake blog has noted that the Aviation Safety Letter published by Transport Canada has an interesting article about so-called “Personal Operating Procedures.” This article took the same principles for SOPs and applied them to general aviation.

With the article in mind, Blake decided to come up with his own personal operating procedures which would include the following:

  • Sterile Cockpit procedures.
  • Weather Minima.
  • Weight and Balance.
  • Stable Approach criteria.
  • Passenger Limitations.
  • Flight Maneuvers.
  • Night Ops.
  • Multi-Engine Ops.
  • Lost Procedures.

Blake briefly goes into detail about each of his personal operating procedures and further wrote that he plans to put together a more formal document in the coming weeks which he will hopefully share on his blog. Hence and we would like to ask our readers: Are there any additional personal operating procedures not mentioned by Blake that you follow when flying?

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