What is your dream aircraft?

Vincent, the blogger behind the Plastic Pilot blog, has recently written a post where he outlined what qualities and features he would want his dream aircraft to have. And while his post did not endorse any specific aircraft as a match for his dream aircraft, he did mention that his dream aircraft would be:

    • Roomy and comfortable
    • Powerful
    • Easy to fly (Stalls are benign & final approach speed is low)
    • Stable in turbulence and balanced on the controls
    • Flexible
    • Safe (Advanced avionics, two axis autopilot, WAAS capable GPS & high-end intercom)
    • Quiet
    • Affordable
    • Good looking
    • Retractable landing gear

Hence, we would like to ask our readers: What is your dream aircraft? Is there a specific manufacturer or model you would choose or would you want to combine the qualities and specifications of a couple of different aircraft? We would love to hear your thoughts and lets assume that money is no object!

Cessna citation 503CC

One Response to What is your dream aircraft?

  1. Jason Isackson May 19, 2010 at 14:21 #

    If money were no object…I would want something very fast.

    Lancair Evolution with PT6A turboprop. 330kt cruise.

    "It's a Rocket…it's a friggin Rocket"

    I may also settle for the Lancair IV-P with 286kt.

    Cessna 400 not bad either.

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