What makes a great flight instructor?

Jason Schappert has put together a short video for his MzeroA.com website where he asked the question: “What do you think makes a great flight instructor?” Jason suggested that it would be ideal to find a flight instructor who is working as a full-time flight instructor rather than as a part-time instructor. However, he was quick to add that in these difficult economic times, it may be hard to find a flight instructor who is working as one full-time.  Nevertheless, Jason still made the point that if you are committed to learning how to fly, you should ideally have a flight instructor who is committed full-time to teaching you how to fly.

Jason then asked his readers what qualities they think will make a great flight instructor and already, nearly sixty comments have been posted – including several comments from readers who disagreed with his comments regarding part-time flight instructors. Hence, we want to ask you our readers what qualities you think will make a great flight instructor. Moreover, do you think a great flight instructor needs to be a full-time flight instructor? Tell us (and Jason) what you think.


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