What makes a great pilot?

Jason Schappert, the blogger behind the MzeroA.com website, has recently posted a short video where he repeated the following simple yet complex question from a reader: What makes a great pilot? Jason did not attempt to answer the question himself but instead he asked his readers to post their thoughts on his website. Already there are over 50 comments posted and by far one of the best comments came from Mike Bennett who noted that:

1. The great pilot has the confidence to remain calm during challenging times.
2. The great pilot knows his / her limits and will respect them.
3. The great pilot knows his /her aircraft limits and will respect them.
4. The great pilot knows when he / she needs improvement.
5. The great pilot knows that he / she is not that great and can at any time become an NTSB report if he / she does not respect the Aircraft / Weather / Personal readiness for the mission.
6. A great pilot is truly one who is always learning.

However, we would still like to ask you our readers what you think makes a great truly pilot and whether or not Mike left out anything important. So feel free to post your thoughts on both our website and on Jason’s website as well.

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  1. mike April 11, 2011 at 00:13 #

    A great pilot also knows that he/she needs to be prepared for every flight. Not only preflight planning but prepare by staying proficient.



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