What to do after you get a pilot’s license?

If you are thinking about getting a pilot’s license but you are still not convinced that it’s the best use of both your time or your money, perhaps you need a few ideas about what to do AFTER you get your pilot’s license. Hence, North America based pilots might want to take a look at a recent post by John Zimmerman for Air Facts Journal where he came up with the following top 10 list of things to do once you have a pilot’s license:

    1. $100 hamburger flight.
    2. Night flight over a city. 
    3. Fly a taildragger out of a grass strip.
    4. Take a kid for his or her first flight.
    5. Go on a flying family vacation.
    6. Low and slow cross country in the Fall. 
    7. Fly an actual instrument flight. 
    8. Fly something different.
    9. Go to the Bahamas or Mexico.
    10. Oshkosh!

Obviously some of the above items like eating “$100 hamburgers” or going to to the Bahamas or Mexico are better suited for pilots across the pond. However and if you are a UK pilot, why not a trip over to France to savor some fine France cuisine or better yet, a long holiday weekend in sunny Spain? And while Oshkosh is no doubt the event to attend if you are a general aviation pilot, why not instead make a special trip over to the Paris Air Show – the world’s oldest and largest air show?

Hence, we want to ask you our readers for any good ideas that would-be UK based pilots or pilots based over on the continent might want to consider doing once they get a pilot’s license. In other words, is there anything unique that you have done once you became a pilot that you would never have otherwise done?


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