What to do if you suffer a break in your flight training

If you are a would-be pilot who has suffered a break in your flight training, then the answers to a recent question posted by Tom on the Ask a Flight Instructor site is well worth reading. Tom began by noting that he solo’d in May 2010 and that he also had his stage one check in June 2010 while his last flight was July 2010. He also added that he did have some issues with his CFI who has since left where he was training but he also added that:

The manager is great there and has always worked with me. Finding another CFI shouldn’t be an issue. My father was ill so I stepped away from training. My dad passed away March of 2011. It still may be a while before I can get back to training in the air. I do read training material and watch the Cessna King training dvd’s. I do know I want to get ground school training and pass my written before taking to the air. Book work has been harder than flying for me.

Commenter Micah responded by asking Tom if his flight school would let him backseat while others fly. He also added that this is an underappreciated way to learn plus its a great way to meet other pilots and instructors at the flight school. Moreover, it’s free.

Pete Kemble then told his story of having a couple of breaks in his flight training. Eventually, he found the time to fly 13 years after his last break and he noted that his major mistake was not continuing his flight training outside of the aircraft. Hence, he suggested that you keep yourself “current” by:

…digesting everything you can aviation related. Read through all the FAA texts online. Join AOPA and you’ll get a free subscription to Flight Training (fantastic bathroom reading :) ). There’re plenty of free online resources as well (this site for one) that will help keep your mind in aviation as well.

Finally, commenter James MacGregor CFI asked Tom just why his CFI left as when he was doing his training, he had asked around to find out who the best CFIs were. He then noted that if you had a good experience with your CFI, he or she might be able to work with you outside of the flight school – saving you both time and some headaches. Moreover, James also added that most CFIs “worth their salt” will be able to locate an aircraft that they can use to teach you in outside of a flight school.

Hence and if you are a would-be pilot like Tom who has experienced a break or disruption in your flight training, the entire thread is well worth reading.

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