When a pilot looses a logbook…

Some time ago, a panicked commercial pilot named Jack posted a question on Ask a Flight Instructor about what to do when a pilot looses his or her pilot logbook:

I just lost my log book with 250h , And my instructor is not anymore in my area ..
And i wasn’t under a flight school , i did all the programme “free lunch”  with this instructor ..

So now what i can do?

The one response Jack got was also not much of a help plus the instructor has apparently left the area without a trace.

Hence, its worth mentioning that Jason Schappert of MzeroA.com has put together a short video about loosing your pilot logbook – like he did during his flight training. Luckily for him, everything was scanned and he was able to restore the information – which is probably the real lesson here (make and keep copies of EVERYTHING, keep them in separate and secure places and don’t loose track of your flight instructors).

However, Jason is also offering an online pilot logbook service at http://runwaylog.com that he says is both iPhone and iPad friendly with the following video more or less being a plug for that service:


As for the unfortunate Jack who posted the query on Ask a Flight Instructor, no word on whether he ever found his logbook or for that matter, his flight instructor – meaning he should have kept copies of it somewhere secure.

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