Why does Europe hate general aviation?

Thomas A. Horne, the Editor At Large for the AOPA Pilot Blog has written an interesting post were he noted that:

I’ve written extensively in the past about European GA, and why Europeans come to the United States to earn their pilot certificates. Why? Because it’s infinitely less expensive and streamlined–compared to the onerous, bloated, and punishingly expensive European path to certificate-hood. You thought Euro-user fees were bad? How about spending $15,000 to get a private pilot certificate across the pond?

He then pointed out that a new European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) proposal would end reciprocation between the US and Europe. Moreover, he pointed out that you might be able to get European validation of your US pilot certificate right now but if you want to fly in Europe in two years time, you’ll have to earn one of the European certificates. He then added:

But wait, there’s more! EASA wants to rid the European Community of N-registered airplanes too. Soon, the common practice of Euro-pilots registering their airplanes with a US N-number will end if the proposals go through. Europeans realize considerable savings by flying airplanes with an “N-reg.” Lord knows they need to save as much as they can if GA flying is to continue, what with $20-per-touchdown landing fees and $8 per gallon fuel costs.

The impetus for all this xenophobic regulatory activity? Why, to garner more fees and pump up an already-Byzantine regulatory culture. Thanks to all those centuries of Kings, Queens, Lords, Barons, Viceroys, Dukes, “vons,” and landed gentry, Europeans seem not able to shake the inclination to submit to the state

Thomas also noted that German aviation magazine, Pilot und Flugzeug, has posted three scenarios on the potential outcome of these new regulatory proposals. Furthermore, we would like to note that General Aviation News has two articles (European proposals could severely affect U.S. pilots and Pressure mounts to ‘park’ EU vote on pilot certification) that are also well worth reading.

Finally, we would like to ask you our readers what you think about these new EASA rules. Moreover, will these new EASA rules impact you or pilots who you personally know?

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