Why use VFR flight following

Using VFR flight following with Air Traffic Control (ATC) is great for small planes in VFR. In fact, Brian of Brian’s Flying Blog recently posted an entry pointing out that there are many good reasons for using VFR flight following and it is particularly useful for long cross country or multiple country trips or for transitioning from Class B or C airspace. In addition, Brian makes a valid point when he states that he feels flight following makes your passengers feel extra confident when they hear ATC plus you can ask ATC about weather conditions and be aware of other air traffic in the area. Moreover, flight following is definitely useful to have in case of any emergency.

Brian also points out another entry on AviationChatter.com that lists nine reasons to request a VFR flight following and mentions that AOPA also has a page that answers some questions about VFR and IFR ATC communications. In fact, the AOPA page has a Q and A section where readers can asks questions and have them answered (although Brian isn’t sure how long it takes for questions to be answered).

Thus, if you are considering VFR flight following, Brian’s entry along with some of the links he mentions are all well worth reading.


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