Why women prefer airplanes over men…

  1. Airplanes can be turned off when you don’t wish to fly.
  2. An airplane doesn’t “let down” before it’s time.
  3. With an airplane, size matters.
  4. An airplane takes gas, a man passes it.
  5. Airplanes can be overhauled when the engine sputters.
  6. Airplanes do not perform over-gross.
  7. Airplanes don’t come with drinking buddies.
  8. Airplanes eventually stop whining.
  9. Airplanes don’t use drag, thrust, wait and balance as a checklist.
  10. Airplanes know what a final approach is.
  11. Airplanes don’t mind if you position and hold.
  12. In an airplane, a soft field landing isn’t a disappointment.
  13. Airplanes don’t mind if you’d rather just cuddle.
  14. Only toy airplanes run by remote control.

Ladies, have we forgotten anything?

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