Would seeing this written on an aircraft wing scare you?

Imagine you are a passenger on Alaska Airlines and you look out of your window and see the following message written on the wing of your aircraft:


According to FlightBlogger, Alaska Airlines was already forced to go on to Twitter to apologize by saying that the maintenance message (which had gone viral on reddit earlier in the week) was "inappropriate" and added: "We have followed up w/ the team.” Now, that sounds even more serious….. (Are heads about to roll down in maintenance?!!!)

However and in the reddit discussion forum where the photo was originally posted, a self-identified Delta Air Lines employee wrote that such an ominous (or darkly humorous!) message will do wonders to reduce paperwork:

"Marking apparent damage prevents reports from being filed at each station at which the aircraft arrives….”

Of course, Alaska Airlines passengers have no way of knowing that and I am not so sure if such a message would reduce the workload of the stewards/stewardesses aboard the aircraft! 


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