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Autopilot inexperience or an incorrect installation proves fatal?

General Aviation News will often reprint excerpts from US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) accident reports, including one dated March 2011 that involved a Cessna 310 with a new autopilot system in Smyrna, Tennessee, that proved fatal for the pilot. According to the accident investigation, the technician who performed the autopilot installation and troubleshooting work […]

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Video: How to handle inflight emergencies

Jason Schappert, the blogger behind the MzeroA.com, has posted a roughly 40 minute video (along with a transcript with appropriate links) of his lecture about handling inflight emergencies. In the video lecture, Jason talks about handling three types of inflight emergencies: Engine Failures in flight. Engine Failures on take off (both with or without runway […]

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Impaired pilots are a factor in at least 10% of fatal general aviation crashes

After reading a statement in the Air Safety Foundation’s Nall Report about there being no cases of pilot incapacitation leading to accidents, Richard Collins wrote a lengthy piece in Air Facts Journal about the subject of impaired pilots. He ended up faxing the ASF  seventeen NTSB reports from that year which cited pilot incapacitation as […]

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80 year old woman lands plane after her pilot husband goes unconscious

Its being widely reported that an 80 year old woman landed a twin-engine plane on Monday after her pilot-husband lost consciousness. The incident happened in northeastern Wisconsin near Sturgeon Bay around 5 pm on Monday. Apparently, the woman had taken the controls of the aircraft but she did not know how to fly. To make […]

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Best of the Web

Flight Guide’s iEFB App. General Aviation News has noted that Airguide Publications has introduced the Flight Guide iEFB iPad App. It was pointed out that the sectional charts have great resolution and include everything the print version does while Airguide’s Brenda Garcia had also mentioned a few soon-to-be-released features that include a “moving map, seamless […]

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Why you need a good emergency locator transmitter (ELT)

Craig Medred has written a great post for the Alaska Dispatch’s Bush Pilot blog about a recent incident in Alaska that showed the importance of having a good emergency locator transmitter (ELT) whenever and wherever you fly. The incident involved the crash of a single-engine Cessna 185 airplane in the Alphabet Hills north of remote […]

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Engine failure after takeoff audio recordings

Hat tip to the Smitty RV-9A site for finding and posting this two-part video with the audio recording of the cockpit and control tower conversation that occurred after a Lancair Legacy engine failed at high altitude in bad weather over high mountains. The incident happened after takeoff from the Redmond Airport in Washington and the […]

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